Free Supercharger

Please contribute with sources if you find wrong dates.

Type Start End
Free Supercharger for one year 12/Dez/2020 31/Dez/2020
Free Supercharger for the first owner 3/Aug/2019 ??
1500km / 1000 mi of free Supercharging with a referral code 21/Mar/2019  
Free Supercharger in inventory for first owner ?? 22/Jul/2019
6 months of Supercharging with referral 18/Sep/2018 2/Feb/2019
6 months of Supercharging + 100$ credit with referral 12/Sep/2018 18/Sep/2018
Supercharging for life for model 3 performance 1/Aug/2012 18/Sep/2017
1 year of Supercharging for Model 3 LR 21/Sep/2018 30/Sep/2018
Supercharging for first owner with referral 20/May/2017 18/Sep/2018
Supercharging for first owner 15/Jan/2017 20/May/2018
400kWh per year of Supercharging 15/Jan/2017 2/Nov/2018
Supercharging for life Oct/2012 15/Jan/2017

Supercharger changes

Type Start
Supercharger v2 updated to 150kW 26/Apr/2019
Supercharger V3. 250kW, no stall sharing
Supercharger V2 updated to 145kW
On-Route Battery Warmup
CCS connector in Europe 12/Dec/2018
Idle Fee when more than 50% of the stalls are occupied 19/Sep/2018
Idle Fee 16/Dec/2016