Change log

Cold Weather Improvements

When you set mobile preconditioning to HI, the climate system will better thaw your charge port in freezing conditions.

Keep Climate On

You can now can keep your car (and its contents) at the temperature of your choice, even after you’ve left. To help ensure that you have enough battery to drive to your next destination, the climate control will automatically turn off if the battery level reaches 20%.

You can always monitor your car and adjust the temperature using the Tesla mobile app. You will receive a notification that the battery has reached 20% and that the climate control has turned off. This reminds you to check on anything you’ve left in the car.

To set the climate control to stay on, tap the fan icon at the bottom of the touchscreen when your car is parked. Enable Keep Climate On and make any adjustments. You can leave knowing that your car will stay comfortably cool or warm.

Note: The next time you drive your car, the climate control will reset to the previous settings from your most recent trip.