Change log

Speed Limit Mode Autopilot Instrument Cluster Traffic-Aware Cruise Control Summon

This new feature limits the acceleration of your vehicle and allows you to set a maximum speed limit between 50mph and 90mph80kmh and 145kmh. While your vehicle is in Park, you can activate Speed Limit Mode by tapping Controls > Safety & SecurityCONTROLS > Settings > Safety & Security on the touchscreen or by tapping CONTROLS on the mobile app. You must use the same 4-digit PIN to enable or disable Speed Limit Mode. A notification is sent to your mobile device if your vehicle approaches the set maximum speed. Note: Speed Limit Mode requires mobile app version 3.4.1 or later.

Wi-Fi Cabin Overheat Protection Collapsible Alerts - Model 3

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With this release, Model 3 now connects to available Wi-Fi networks. Tap the LTE icon at the top of the touchscreen and select the network you want to join.When active, your vehicle prevents the interior temperature from exceeding 105℉/40℃40℃/105℉ for up to 12 hours after you exit your vehicle. This feature is turned on by default, but can be disabled by tapping Controls > Safety & Security.Cabin Overheat Protection stops operating when the battery energy level is 20% or less.Non-critical alerts now automatically collapse when Park Assist is in use (for example, the rear ultrasonic sensors detect an object while in Reverse). You can also manually collapse non-critical alerts at any time by swiping the message to the left. To expand the alert again, swipe the icon to the right. Note that critical alerts cannot be collapsed and that collapsed alerts automatically expand again in the next drive cycle or if a new alert is triggered.

New language option: Spanish - Model S, Model X


Spanish is now available as a language option for your vehicle. To choose Spanish, tap CONTROLS > Settings > Language & Units. When selected, the touchscreen will display in Spanish. Voice commands, navigation, and Media Player will respond to Spanish.

Mobile Connector improvement - Model S, Model X

If an update is needed for your mobile connector and your vehicle has finished charging, you will see a notification on the instrument cluster indicating that an update is in progress. This update will take approximately 2 minutes to complete.