Change log

New language option: French (Canada) - Model 3


You can now select French as your language for Model 3. You’ll be able to use French voice commands to find a location, make a phone call, or play media. For example, you can say “Aller à Montréal” or “Appeler Renaud Paquet” or “Écouter Céline Dion.”To choose French, tap the Controls icon on the bottom left corner of the touchscreen, tap Display, tap the gear icon in the top right corner, and then select Français for the Language and the Navigation Language.

Accessing the Owner’s Manual

For faster access, the Owner’s Manual is now also available from the About Your Tesla page. Simply tap the Tesla T at the top of the touchscreen and then tap Owner’s Manual.

Chill: a new acceleration option - Model 3

You can now select Chill as an acceleration option in your vehicle. This option makes acceleration more gradual—ideal for smoother driving and a gentler ride for your passengers.To use the Chill option, tap the Controls icon on the bottom left corner of the touchscreen, tap Driving, and then in Acceleration, choose CHILL.

Introducing new Navigation (Beta) - Model S, Model X

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Whether you’re on your daily commute or heading out to a new destination, you can rely on Navigation to give you the fastest route and provide more accurate estimated arrival times. It will route you around traffic jams and guide you through complex maneuvers when required.If traffic conditions change and there’s an alternate route that will save time, Navigation will automatically reroute you. As with the previous system, you can control how aggressively Navigation does this: just indicate how much time an alternate route should save by adjusting the setting in CONTROLS > Settings > Apps > Maps & Navigation > RE-ROUTE IF IT SAVES MORE THAN.Navigation prevents you from missing turns by giving you a clearer view of upcoming maneuvers. More responsive guidance prepares you for complicated intersections or multi-lane interchanges. Each turn and highway exit that you should take is clearly labeled in blue, whereas cross-streets or highway exits that you’ll pass are labeled in black, to help you monitor your progress along the way. In addition, guidance and labels match real-world road and highway signs wherever possible.As you get closer to a maneuver, the instrument panel view will zoom in to provide greater clarity and, if necessary, will highlight the lane (or lanes) that you should be using. This makes it easier to see how close you are to the turn, the cross streets that you’ll pass, and which direction to take.We welcome feedback about the new Navigation. Send email to, or press the voice commands button on the right side of the steering wheel and say “Note,” followed by your comments.

Improved Maps experience - Model S, Model X


With this release, we’ve added some new features to Maps. In addition to Trip view and North-Up view, Maps now supports Heading Up view: the map automatically rotates with the direction you’re driving. Maps also has an updated night style, making it easier to see details in the dark.

Passive Entry update - Model S, Model X


For added security, we’ve disabled Passive Entry. You can turn it on at any time by tapping CONTROLS > Settings > Doors & Locks, and setting PASSIVE ENTRY to ON.

Mobile Connector improvement - Model S, Model X


If an update is needed for your mobile connector and your vehicle has finished charging, you will see a notification on the instrument cluster indicating that an update is in progress. This update will take approximately 2 minutes to complete.