Change log

With this release, we’re introducing Navigation and upgrading Autopilot features to help you drive with greater confidence, comfort, and ease.

With this release, we’re introducing Navigation to help you drive with greater confidence and ease.

This release contains minor fixes and improvements.

With this release, we’re making high beam headlights easy to use with Auto High Beam.

Navigation for Model SModel X helps you drive to a destination with confidence. Search for your destination and Navigation will provide turn-by-turn directions to get you there. Whether you’re going to a place you already know or one that’s unfamiliar, we give you turn-by-turn guidance, maneuver details, voice reminders, and a bird’s eye view of your route to help you get to your destination. To give you peace of mind about your energy needs, Navigation estimates the percentage of energy that will remain at the end of both your trip and your return trip. Navigation is also integrated into other areas of the Model SModel X experience, such as charging locations, phone contacts, Calendar, and voice commands, making it easy and convenient to go anywhere.Navigation uses search to help you easily find a location in just a few taps. To get going on your trip, just search for a specific place, address, or category, and then tap NAVIGATE.Navigation provides detailed turn-by-turn instructions so that you can get a sense of where you’re going, how much time it will take, and your estimated time of arrival.Navigation helps you avoid missing a turn. Throughout your route, the instrument panel highlights where you are in addition to pointing out cross streets and highway exits. As you get close to the next turn, Navigation makes sure you don’t miss it by providing maneuver details at a glance and voice reminders.By using real-time traffic information, each route is optimized to save you time.Note: ONLINE ROUTING is turned on by default. You can see this setting by tapping CONTROLS > Settings > Apps > Maps & Navigation.Since driving conditions can change quickly with unexpected traffic or road detours, Navigation continues to check for improved routes. If there’s a better route that saves time, Navigation automatically re-routes and updates your turn-by-turn instructions. You can control how aggressively the Navigation system updates your route by specifying how many minutes a re-route has to save. Simply adjust the CONTROLS > Settings > Apps > Maps & Navigation > RE-ROUTE IF IT SAVES MORE THAN setting.When you’re using Navigation, we initially display a bird’s eye view of your overall trip. At any point you can choose to drive in this mode by tapping the Route Overview icon.Or, you can return to one of the existing map views, such as North Up or Heading Up. Route Overview is ideal for longer trips when you want to monitor your progress relative to the overall route or want to check potential traffic. It also zooms in to give you the appropriate level of detail when you need it.Navigation provides several energy estimates so that you can plan your drives with peace of mind. An estimate of energy remaining in your Model SModel X battery at the end of a trip helps you decide ahead of time if you need additional charge. Similarly, Navigation shows an estimate of your round trip energy if it’s expected to be low. If you prefer to always see your round trip energy estimate, tap CONTROLS > Settings > Apps > Maps & Navigation and turn on the ALWAYS SHOW ESTIMATED ROUND TRIP ENERGY setting.For additional detail, the Trip chart in the Energy app compares initial Navigation energy estimates against actual energy usage, letting you monitor your consumption throughout the entire drive to your destination.Navigation is integrated into other areas of your Model SModel X for a seamless driving experience.

Auto High Beam

We’ve added a new setting, Auto High Beam, that makes using high-beam headlights more convenient by automatically switching to low beams to avoid shining too much light at other drivers. When you enable this setting and turn your high beams on, Model SModel X temporarily switches to low-beam headlights if traffic is detected in front of the vehicle.To enable Auto High Beam, tap CONTROLS > LIGHTS > AUTO HIGH BEAM on the touchscreen. Turn your high beams on as usual by pushing the turn indicator stalk away from you. The blue headlight indicator in the instrument panel displays a small A when high beams are on. This indicator turns gray when high beams are dimmed in response to surrounding light.

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