Change log

With this release, we’ve added automatic windshield wipers and improved Easy Entry.

Keep your windshield clear with automatic wipers (Beta)

You can now set your Model SModel X windshield wipers to turn on automatically in wet weather. Tap CONTROLS > Settings > Vehicle, and set AUTOWIPERS (BETA) to ON. Then adjust the sensitivity of the wipers so that they turn on based on how much rain is on your windshield. Want them to turn on intermittently when a medium amount of rain has accumulated? Choose the Auto 1 option on the wiper lever. Or, choose the more sensitive Auto 2 option if you prefer wiping as soon as the vehicle senses even just a light mist or drizzle, such as when you’re driving out of the garage on a foggy morning. To make sure your windshield is clear, the wiping speed will automatically adjust based on how much rain accumulates between each wipe.

Improved Easy Entry

We’ve improved Easy Entry so that now when you park, the steering wheel and driver’s seat adjust for an easy exit after you unbuckle the driver’s seat belt.