Hardware and Shop Changes

Change Date Source
Model Y update with
auto dimming mirrors
pen for Sentry mode
new steering wheel scroll wheels
lamminated glass.
19/Nov/2020 Source
USB Pen included for Sentry mode in Model 3. 4/Nov/2020 Source
Model 3 2021 with
more range
chrome delete
new center console
new steering wheel scroll wheels
heat pump
new wheels
graphite trim near the seat control
lamminated glass
auto dimming mirrors.
20/Oct/2020 Source
Model Y range boost. 16/Oct/2020 Source
Model 3 upgraded with Wireless charger and USB-C. 13/Jun/2020 Source
Model S/X Long rage plus. Now 390 and 351 mile range, up from the previous 373 and 328 miles. New 19″ tempest wheels for Model S 14/Feb/2020  
Model S/X upgraded with Wireless charger.</a> 23/Jan/2020 Source
Model S/X CCS compatible, retrofits availabe for earlier versions 1/May/2019  
Model S/X with new drivetrain (PMSR motor), more range, suspension upgrade and 200kW charging rate on v3 Supercharger
Model S/X Standard range added (aka Raven)
Model 3 SR opens orders in China and Europa 12/Apr/2019  
Model S Standard range removed 22/Mar/2019  
Model 3 MR removed 17/Mar/2019  
Model Y orders open 15/Mar/2019  
Autopilot price increase 12/Mar/2019  
Price increased 3% for all models but Model 3 SR
Not all stores will close
Tesla is stoping sales at physical shops and now all the sales are online
Model 3 SR introduced in the USA
Model S/X 100D or Extended Range is now called “Long Range”
Model S Standard Range replaces previous software locked battery version
Model X Software locked battery version removed
Huge Price reductions for Model S and X and minor price reductions for Model 3
EAP and FSD are now AP (Autosteer, TACC) and FSD (AutoPark, Summon, Auto Lane change, Navigate on Autopilot)
Referral program ended 2/Feb/2019  
New software locked battery options for Model S and X. Unlocked versions are now called “Extended Range”
Ludicrous is now a separate option for the Performance model
75D discontinued 14/Jan/2019  
AP HW 2 20/Oct/2017